Cherry Cobra

Cherry Cobra is a director duo consisting of Nathalie Hallman and Johanna Nyberg, working with commercials, music videos and short film. The duo formed based on their mutual love for quirky storytelling and bold visual language, something that in no small part is down to their background in art direction and graphic design.

Nathalie has earned critical acclaim for her short film ’Ivy Vigilante’ at several international film festivals, including Berlin Fashion Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival. Johanna’s short film ’Comedians’ earned her a prestigious fellowship award from the Sundance Film Festival. The duo were additionally awarded the prestigious Kycklingstipendium in 2018. 

Nowadays they are hard at work directing visually tantalising commercials for brands such as Uber, Afound, Åhlens & Libresse.

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