Daniel Warwick

Daniel Warwick was born in Yorkshire, but by age five had travelled half way across the globe to Minnesota and then back again to settle in Germany.

He realised in his early twenties that he could turn his habitual daydreams of weird beautiful craziness into realities by joining the wild west of production, and so he began working as a line producer on promos in Berlin. However he soon switched sides and in 2005 started his directing career. He can credit two Gold Film Lions in Cannes to his name for his Smart Car spot “Off Road”, and has previously won awards at the Gold Art Directors Club Europe, the MTV VMA’s, two bronze Lions at Cannes, and a whole bunch of other impressive German prizes. 

He loves shooting commercials, especially when they need to be completely bonkers and extremely pretty. And after living in Germany for 30 years, he thinks that’s the engineer in the heart of a lunatic.