Mårlind & Stein

Mårlind & Stein – or Måns and Björn as we call them – are a directing duo. Well known in the TV series circuit, they most famously created BRON (The Bridge) which has been shown in 160 countries and remade twice in UK and USA, as well as the award-winning Swedish/French TV series, MIDNIGHT SUN, which has since been sold to over 120 countries. 

They are also a dab hand at directing feature length films, from Hollywood blockbusters such as UNDERWORLD AWAKENING starring Kate Beckinsale to the award-winning KÄNN INGEN SORG (Shed No Tears). Their fifth feature ELD & LÅGOR, a romantic drama set in the world of amusement parks in the 1940s, was an instant hit in Sweden.

Mårlind & Stein started as a commercial director’s duo with Camp David in 2006, directing spots for Ikea, Unicef and Telia amongst others. They made waves with their sensational All Sports United spot for XXL, before following this with an epic Rio-based chase film in their second offering for the brand featuring soccer legend, Ronaldinho. 

Apart from film making, Måns and Björn like to remind people that Sweden is actually a place in space.