Film & Tv at Camp david

Camp David has always worked with creative formats, and through the years have produced a number of shorts and documentaries. In 2023, they expanded their repertoire, and now have television series and award-winning short films to their name.

Jag och min far

In this series, Magnus Uggla and his daughter Agnes embark on a journey together to find themselves, each other and the world. He was born in the 50s, and she the 90s. Two generations that are often considered to be the furthest apart. Was everything really better before, or have some changes been positive, or even necessary? Through six episodes, father and daughter explore everything from the nuclear family to spirituality, aging and beauty to immigration, dating to popular culture.

A TV series for SVT, directed by Sebastian Reed.

Kompis vi måste snacka

Childhood friends Juan and Nima reunite in therapy to unravel the mystery behind their drifting apart. With the clock ticking and an almost certified therapist on board who confuses them for a couple their friendship faces the ultimate litmus test.

Coming soon.

Niclas Larsson

Clara, at 16 years old, is longing to feel alive. Home and school are alien to her, but in the public pool, where she swims late at night, she finds herself. One night, she unexpectedly meets a boy. When she can no longer hide her feelings, she meets unexpected consequences. Vatten is a drama about young unconditional love.


In 2001, everything changed for the historic Cortina dance hall.

Located in an idyllic, rural town, it was once celebrated for its dances and community gatherings, but in early summer a music festival changed that. It created a new reputation, a ‘then’ and ‘now’ and impacted the lives of some of the residents irrevocably.

2 Heavy 4 U is a film about entrepreneurship, an unprecedented culture clash and a strange obsession with shitting on golf courses.

Directed by Kristian Bengtsson.

Adam Berg

A man gets a phone call from an acquaintance, asking for help. He needs to retrieve something that has been lost inside a tunnel in the middle of the night. In is a psychological thriller, following two men who are forced to come closer together, but who despite all the confinement, can feel that there is something left open – an abyss or an escape, down in the dark.